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Day off, the sequel.

So today is my second day off and its starting off really nicely. I woke up late, rolled around in bed for awhile. That is always nice. :P Finally got up, picked up the house a bit and then played some vydia gaemz! Hooray crushing noobs. Nommed some mini pizzas, they are very different from regular pizzas. And then started the laundry. :D

Really I have done a whole lot of nothing. Aside from laundry. Which I dread folding… But yea. Pretty chill day, I was hoping for rain because it was thundering earlier. But that didn’t happen. Its hard for me to really relax on my days off without it being dark. I never was a day time person though to be honest. Oh the curses of being a night owl. 

Anyways, I have every intention of snuggling with my girlfriend and watching a movie tonight. That will be nice. And hopefully naming my new piece. Nothing is sticking in my mind. I still like “H’ghar”

Hmm, suggestions?

Jun 6th 2012
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