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Yesterday was Tuesday but today is Tuesday too.

So we made it through Tuesday Tumblr. I managed to get a duplicate of my lisence and it only took 18 dollars and almost two hours. How pathetic. Anyways I managed to catch a sad nap this afternoon but I am still exhausted. I need to drink 6 hundred water bottles and rehydrate and get ready for tomorrow.

I don’t have much else to say but I love snuggling and watching FMA Brotherhood with my love. :)


Artist Mike S. Miller's rendition of Groot and Rocket from 'Guardian's of the Galaxy' as Calvin and Hobbes.

Ponderosa Pine Tree done by Scott LaMadline at Divinity Tattoo in Phoenix, AZ
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yo i ain’t saying she’s a gold-digger but she does carry a weird pan everywhere and keep mumbling stuff about “gold in them there hills” idk so yeah she is probably a gold digger

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Jim RichardsonNew York at Night, 2007