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Fibonacci Tattoo

Photo by @j.breezy11

The Friday afternoon set up. #hookah #pokemon #cider
Melatonin is wild.

If you don’t have an immunity to it. I totally had a Godzilla dream last night. Godzilla in Mandeville isn’t that exciting. Haha.

Anyways its Friday, hooray! I’m super broke but Gabby and I are planning some cheap activities so it’ll be great. Work is also looking up, I have managed to almost line up the same amount of stops to replace the ones I lost. I love the ability to grow with this job. Its important to me to have flexibility and oppertunity in my work I find. Unlike Rouses, with its rigidness, this job is like flying. You can fall, but you can also sail uppwards. Very interesting stuff.

Gabby and I also talked about our big purchases for the next while. First thing, this black Friday I am getting a new TV, we need it. Our current TV is dying and that’s not cool. On top of that I want to get a WiiU, it’ll be super fun. :)

Anyways, let’s churn out today and spend the weekend playing pokemon, riding bikes and simply relaxing, yes yes? :D

#nowspinning #justintimberlake #futuresexlovesounds #vinyl
Got some sleep, fuck yeah.

So Thursday is a long day for me, but at least I got some sleep.

Gabby and I have been spending a lot of time in the afternoons psuedo-continuing our vacation mentality and lying around. However we have been planning for the future.

I have promised to begin getting my debt chewed down. I will be starting this process once I get a substancial paycheck. The last week has been rocky, but it’ll be ok.

In the mean time I am focusing on not spending money and playing a lot of pokemon and getting my d&d character ready. Its going to be awesome.

Anyways, my goal today is to spend less than 5$ for lunch, we’ll see what I come up with. I did 3.92 yesterday on a cheese burger and drink. So that was good. Today I think I am doing a veggie sub. It will be delicious!

Penny pinching!