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Extra thoughts.

I really need to stop being so liberal with the snooze button in the morning. I feel like I am bothering Gabby with my poor wake up habits. In addition I need to start getting up earlier to start my car and warm it up. Its starting to get a little chilly outside and to be honest not sitting in a car while it warms up would be best.

I need to tighten up to be honest, I feel like I have been falling behind in general. I know that I have been slowly increasing my work load at work, but I keep thinking about Holes because of it haha. If you carry a pig that ifs growing you’ll grow strength as it grows. Maybe when I leave this job and venture elsewhere I’ll be able to see this strength, however currently I feel week. I feel like all this shit is flying and I can barely keep track of it all.

In the immortal words of The Juggernaut “WHY THE FUCK IS THIS SHIT FALLIN!?” Haha.

Also I want to play pokemon black so bad!

And so the roller coaster begins.

Starting today Gabby and I both have some kind of plans every night through the weekend. I feel a little over booked to be honest, but these things happen. This evening I’ll be taking my best friend Matt out. We always have so much fun. He gets me on such a deep level. Our conversations are lightning rounds of information, I love it so much.

Friday I have some normal work stuff, then I plan on chillin’ with Gabby in the afternoon but that evening is D&D night. However I have not got a confirmation on this upcoming session. I am going to send out a message when it becomes a more normal time to see if I can get some firm answers. We have to be done by midnight because Gabby works Saturday which sucks (Not as much as working the Saturday after halloween! But still lame)

Once that is said and done Saturday is Ben’s birthday party at Marmee’s. That should be fun and relaxing. Aside from Gabby working that morning we won’t get much time with each other that day as well. Maybe some in the early afternoon, and in the late evening, so I guess it could be worse.

Then Sunday, which apparently was Gabby’s day to work on her costume, we’re having a get together at Ben’s dad’s place for hiss birthday. Usually awkward but the last few times have been getting better. I have learned that not googling concepts to denouce a their religion from my phone keeps me in their good graces (lol!).

And then it will be Monday again. Gabby and I talked last night about planning a get away next weekend, just going away for a day just the two of us. Maybe Saturday since she doesn’t work. We both agree that with the current weather the time would best be spent outside. I like her idea of a pumpkin patch. We’ll see though. I just want to spend time with her. :)

Anyways, let’s get to work.

I got some lovely memories attached to this song thanks to @embryoconcepts #thesmiths #goodtimes
They say #hustlers drink 40s, but to be honest all the true hustlers I know drink #coffee #dowork #earnyourkeep

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I am the most awkward white boy.

So there is a gas station by where I work that hooks me up with free coffee. This morning Mrs. Trudy is about to pour an old pot out and asks me if that is the variety I drink. I respond with “Nah, I usually drink the peruvian, but whatever is hot and dark works.” And she retorts, without skipping a beat “Well damn baby, you’re lookin’ at it.” I just freeze for a second and laugh.

She is a sweetheart and a morning giggle is always appreciated, haha.

Now its work time!


Wednesday is my new long day. I obtained an extra 8 stops for this day so its a little turbulent. Not all the stops are biting and that worries me because I have a goal to make 100% of my stops all month. Hopefully things go well. Wednesday has my favorite lunch dive, so that’s a pick me up.

On a personal note, I am loving this morning weather. I put the heat on in my car this morning as I drove to work. :)

Gabby and I had a great evening last night, she relaxes and calms me so much, I honestly didn’t feel ready for this work week but coming home to her has been lovely every evening.

This weekend is going to be busy, starting Thursday evening I am taking my best friend out for his birthday, then work Friday, then D&D Friday night, then Saturday morning I get my first free block, and if its not raining it will be spent doing chores. Finally Saturday night is my brother-in-law’s birthday party. Its going to be fun but way busier than I am used to being.

Sunday I have plans to sit and play pokemon in the cave with Gabby all day, introverted time.

Anyways Tumblr, I’ll be in touch, I’m trying to be good about regularly blogging.


I’m definatly feeling more hopeful today, I hope that feeling sticks with me.

A small blog.

So I have a good bit of work ahead of me today, but I am handling up on it. My first stop has to be moved so that’s a thing.

I don’t feel emotionally hung over today which is nice considering the rough day I had yesterday, but that’s Mondays for you. I will make it through this week, no worries.

Chin up Brock.

On another note I have to say how loving and supportive Gabby was through all of this, it made me so happy. She is the best. :)