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Greeted with a rum punch at #thesands in #TurksandCaicos its time to max the relaxin’
My flight …

Is super white bread, to an annoying degree.

But its better than Cozumel, being full of drunk collage kids.

Let’s fly!

Get in that pokeball you stupid bird. #heartgold #ho-oh #painintheass #idontcareabouttherematch #hardcoremodeonly #pokemon
Gabby got a good shot while we were in the air. Now we simply are chillin’ in the Miami airport. Time for some #coffee #pokemon and general time wasting for our next flight to #TurksandCaicos
Hooray Louis Armstong International Airport!
I feel like this track is approiate today. I have less than 20 hours until #vacation and I couldn’t be more excited. I have a lot to pack and get ready but have to get through the work day first. #metal #Voyager #TheMeaningOfI