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An update.

So Gabby and I got dinner reservations at the best restraunt on the island. I’m pretty excited. I believe she is too.

We definately got some sun today and it has perfectly exhausted us. Of course post dinner we’ll have to find some enegry for sex but I don’t think that will be a problem. ;)

Anyways, tonight will include Friends, loafing and some hot tub action. I am super excited.

Tomorrow will continue as the same I bet, nice and loafy. I have made it my job to not think about boxes, loading or unloading them and anything else related to work. Its easy to relax when you’re not shoved into a personal situation that you find uncomfortable. I reapeadly have thought about how crappy Cozumel was compared to this place.

Yay vacation!

I think @embryoconcepts is going to enjoy her birthday at #thesands with this beaitiful weather. Happy Birthday my love, I hope we make it the best one yet.


kohga shuriken by hector cen

 Grey Knight VS Greater Daemonby Bradwhitlam
So we made it in.

And I am handed a rum punch upon walking in, its nice.

I do plan on being as nice as possible to everyone here because the whole industry is based on customer service and the little time I have spent in that industry was terrible. Especially considering their clientel.

Anyways its time to chill, once my travel headache disappears I’ll be in perfect shape.

I’m ready for a vacation. :D