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I am going to sober up.

With a round of hookah on the back porch then bed. I am working a double for the first time tomorrow. I had a lovely evening though, although it had its awkward moments. 


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Neo Japan 2202 - Dr. Wayne by Johnson Ting
I fixed it!

It took some tinkering but I think I finally fixed Blur. I had to reinstall a bunch of drivers, I should probably keep up with that. Hooray PC gaming is back on the table.

Also I am getting more and more into car stuffs, so that’s cool. I have been watching Top Gear and playing Blur so cool cars are everywhere. :P

And I am going to a crawfish boil tomorrow, fuck yeah!


Lady of the Lake for @Sketch_Dailies. 
It feels like forever since I did an art that was “painterly”… so this was fun. Takes a lot longer though.
What video driver is this?

Not the right one, that’s for damn sure.